[S1] 1820 Census, Washington County, IN CNIDR Isearch-cgi 1.20.06 (File: 1820cens.txt)

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1820 Washington County, Indiana Census

The following information pertains to the columns in this document.

1st Column      The first column is the name of the head of the 

2nd Column     This is the page number that appears on the microfilm.

3rd Column     Free White Males      Example= 300110
	       place= 123456

place 1=under ten
place 2=ten to fifteen
place 3=sixteen to eighteen
place 4=sixteen to twenty-five
place 5=twenty-six to forty-four
place 6=forty-five and upwards

4th Column        Free White Females     Example=20010

place 1=under ten
place 2=ten to fifteen
place 3=sixteen to twenty-five
place 4=twenty-six to forty-four
place 5=forty-five and upwards

5th Column     Work that the individuals were engaged in.     

place 1=foreigners not naturalized
place 2=number of persons engaged in Agriculture
place 3=number of persons engaged in Commerce
place 4=number of persons engaged in Manufactures

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NAME                    PAGE    MALE    FEMALE  WORK    

[Excerpts Follow]
Stark, Abraham          213     421110  21010   200     
Stark, Archabald        219     000101  10100   100     
Stark, Asaatl           219     000101  01101   200     
Stark, Elisha           214     340010  10010   100     
Stark, Jacob            214     100101  12010   300     
Stark, Leonard          214     200010  20100   000     
Stark, Pheby            214     000000  00010   100     
Stark, Samuel           219     100110  00200   200     
Stark, Stephen          214     110110  61110   100     

[S2] 1850 Census, Scott County, IN 1850 Scott County Vienna Township Family 37 John H. Carlisle 29 Emily 24 .. Family 58 James Carlisle 60 Martha 17 ... Family 88 Jonathan D. Stark 21 Farmer IN Nancy Ann 16 IN Thomas 3/12 Iowa Family 97 Samuel P Stark 24 Indiana Billy Jane 20 Illinois Family 99 Washington Stark 35 Kentucky Margaret Stark 32 Indiana Eli Stark 14 In Charles 10 Aaron H 7 George W 5 Jack M 2 Family 167 Poly Stark 51 Kentucky William J 29 Indiana Jack S (or T) 19 Indiana Hanna Jane 8 Eli S 5 Family 171 Cazad Stark 46 KY Margaret 35 South Carolina Cazad Jr 11 Indiana Benjamin Bromer 7 Louisha Stark 3 (Doesn't seem to be Margaret J...) Jonathan T/F/? 1 Lexington Township Family 94 Wilson Stark 37 Mary Ann 25 John W 4 William E 3/12 Family 95 John H. Close 26 Mary 26 Hannah Stark 42 Mary Ann Close 7 Hermet M 6/12 Family 98 David Stark 77 Pennsylvania Eddy 57 Kentucky Wilson Robb 20 Ohio Family 99 Luther Stark 45 Kentucky Mary 41 North Carolina Thomas C 20 Indiana William N 18 John J 17 Senursing J 14 (F) Fleming 12 Elizabeth S 10 Sarah E 8 Amanda M 7 Rhoda M 5 Luther M 1 Family 100 Henry Stark 59 Kentucky June 49 Indiana Thomas Lee 14 Sidney Jane 13 Martha ?? 4 John Welch 16 Farmer Family 116 Philip Stark 38 Kentucky Nancy 38 David T 14 Indiana William A 13 James J 10 Polly Ann 8 Sarah Jane 6 Alonzo M 3 Louis B 8/12 Andew T. Hollenbeck 27 Jennings Township Family 51 Daniel Stark 48 KY Polly 47 Virginia James W 23 In Simson S 20 IN Elizabeth 18 Mary A Stark 16 Rachel A 15 Henry M 11 Sally Ann 9 Martin Chastine 21 Isaac Erhart 22 Ohio Family 159 William McCrary? Jonathan T Stark 24 In Susannah 23 Emeretta 2 Family 167 Robert Chastine 34 Mary 34 Elizabeth 35 Sarah C 11 Mary E 10 Rebecca J 6? John 4 Nancy A 2 Harriet J 4/12 Family 175 Nathaniel Chastine 43 KY Eliza Jane 19? IN William M 16 Mary 14 Family 177 Edward Chastine 27 IN Martha Jane 22 William 4 James A 5 Catherine Ann 2 Joseph 11/12 Griffin C Muly? 18 Rebecca Ann 12 Hannah 57 Virginia Family 182 [THIS FAMILY IS UNUSUAL IN THAT THE DATE BETWEEN THIS CENSUS AND THE 1860 CENSUS SUGGEST THAT THERE WAS ONLY 7 YEARS BETWEEN CENSUSES...] William Chastine 44 M Kentucky Matilda 41 Kentucky David 19 Indiana Nancy 14 Indiana Elizabeth 13 William 11 George 9 Rache 7 Mary 4 Emily 2 Family 183 Rainy Chastine 28 Catherine 22 Hermit A 7 Jeremiah 5 John W 2 Nancy Jane 4/12 Family 184 Stephen Chastine 33 M Elizabeth 24 Luilela? 9/12 Oct 7th 1850 Family 188 John Chastine 22 Indiana Elizabeth 30 Kentucky Eliza Ann 5 Indiana Mary Frances 4 Margaret Jane 7 Family 189 George Chastine 37 Kentucky Jane 34 Tennessee Sally Ann 17 Indiana Elizabeth 16 William W 14 John E 11 Nancy Jane 9 Jessica? 7 Samuel 5 Belinda 3 Emily 1 October 9, 1850 Family 217 James Chastine 37 M Indiana Elizabeth Lynne 7 Richard 5 Ephrain 3 Rachael 4/12 Family 219 Valentine Chastine 42 M Kentucky Maisa? 41 F Kentucky Muhala 19 Indiana Matilda 14 George 11 Collin 9? James 3 Ellen 3/12 Family 221 Norman or Neamon Chastine 55 M Virginia Sevila 48 Kentucky Susan 19 Nancy 27? Rebecca 16 Elizabeth 13 Emily 12

[S3] 1860 Census, Scott County, IN Excerpts from 1860 Census, Scott County. Lexington Township P.O. Box Lexington Family 53: Phillip Stark 46 Nancy 46 David T. 23 William A. 22 James J 20 Moanz?? 18 (Female) Sarah J 16 Alonzo M 13 Louis R 11 (male) Phillip M 9 Emeretta 7 Eliza A 5 Family 54 Luther Stark 55 Mearcy? 50 Lennon R 22 Sarah E 18 Family 55 Thomas E? Stark Family 62 Nelson Stark Family 65 John Stark 71 Elizabeth 54 Elizabeth C 19 John H Herdson 13 Family 84 Thomas C Stark 24 Sarah J 20 Family 476 Cozad Stark 56 Margaret J 49 Margaret J 13 Jonathan H 10 Louisa R 8 Jennings Township P. O. Wooster Family 862 James Stark 30 Mehala 26 William 6 Isaac 4 Mary E 3/12 Family 867 Stephen Chasteen 31 Elizabeth 33 John H 8 David R 5 Mary E 4 Lydia E 3 Cintha A 10/12 Family 868 William Chasteen 28 Rachel 22 Mary E 7 Sarah 3 Richard D 3 Family 869 Nathaniel Chasteen 32 Rebecca 22 Family 870 Edward Chasteen 37 Martha 32 James A 16 William 14 Catherine A 12 Joseph 10 Renny G 6 Thomas J 3 Edward 2/12 Family 873 David Chasteen 29 Rebecca A 30 Nancy J 9 John 7 Pheba A 2 Family 877 William Chasteen 34?? (Blot) Matilda 47?? (blot) Elizabeth 20 William 18 George W 16 Rachel A 14 Mary J 12 Milly 10 Margaret 8 Anna 10 Family 878 Nathaniel Chasteen 32 Malinda 31 William 7 Rebecca A 3 Stephan 4 Mary A 8/12 Family 921 George Chasteen 48 (and others) Family 922 Raney Chateen 38 (and others) Family 993 George Chasteen 22 Sarah E 24 Family 1136 Jonathan T Stark 33 Susanah S 28 Emeretta 11 Daniel A 7 Edmund R 5 Mary A 2/12 Family 1140 Simeon Stark 30 Teamster Sarah 28 Mary E 8 William J 5 Family 1143 Elizabeth Chasteen 28 Mary A 7 Daniel 5 Surveyor M 4 Family 1198 John Chasteen 38 Elizabeth 40 (children) Family 1232 Nammon? Chasteen 60 Lucilla 56 ... Family 1234 James Chasteen 42 ... Family 1235 Jonathan Chasteen 27 ... Family 1237 Nancy Chasteen 64 Joseph 39 ...

[S4] Deaths, Washington CNIDR Isearch-cgi 1.20.06 (File: wpa_n-s.txt)

Excerpts: 82. Stark, Sarah, Died 1900, age 87 years. Northeast Township or Washington County 105. Starks, Lavina C., Died 1932, age 77 years. Bk-6 Stampers Creek Cemetery, Paoli Township

[S5] Email from Carolyn Garner Carolyn /Garner/ From Tue Dec 30 06:01:39 1997 Return-Path: Received: from ( []) by (8.8.5/8.8.5) with ESMTP id GAA06431 for ; Tue, 30 Dec 1997 06:01:33 -0800 Received: from garner ( []) by (8.8.5/8.7.3) with ESMTP id GAA07662; Sun, 28 Dec 1997 06:42:01 -0600 (CST) Message-Id: <> From: "Denise and Carolyn Garner" To: "Jonathan Stark" Cc: Subject: Re: Stark's in Washington County, IN Date: Sun, 28 Dec 1997 06:50:32 -0600 X-MSMail-Priority: Normal X-Priority: 3 X-Mailer: Microsoft Internet Mail 4.70.1155 MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1 Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit Status: RO Content-Length: 7314 Lines: 174 Hi Jonathan, Sorry to be so long getting back to you but the holidays have really delayed my correspondence. I've been researching Starks and my other family lines for the past 17 years and believe me, the Starks have been the most frustrating and confusing line I've encountered. Mainly because so many of them married Stark cousins generation after generation and they all seem to have used the same names for their children. Anyway, my direct line did not settle in Scott Co.,In. or at least I haven't found them there. Mine came from Conn. to New York, to Washington Co.,In., then after the father, Asahel, died his children moved on to Edgar then Clark County,Ill. I do believe all the Starks in Washington Co.,In. were related and can be traced back to Christopher Stark II and his wife Susanna. My problem has been proving that my Asahel Stark was also a son of Chris II. Everything points to it but I haven't found any solid proof yet. Chris II did not leave a will at his death naming his children nor did his wife and I haven't been able to find an estate settlement for either of them. >From what I have been able to piece together, Chris II had at least 11 children and maybe more. They were: JAMES, JONATHAN, DANIEL, AARON, CHRISTOPHER III, ASAHEL (mine), WILLIAM, NATHAN, JOHN, JOSEPH, & SUSANNA. JAMES - married Mary Hannah Howell. They had 11 children: 1. Jacob 2. Jonathan 3. Daniel 4. William 5. Margaret 6. Anne 7. Aaron 8. Elijah 9. Mary 10. James 11. Adin H. Descendants of both Jacob and his brother, Jonathan above settled in Scott Co.,IN. Some of the others may have as well but I don't have that information. Here is some information I have on #1 Jacob & #2 Jonathan Stark above. #1 Jacob - married his first cousin, Margaret Stark (daughter of Joseph Stark). Three of his children married into the Chastain family but I've only found one of his sons who settled in Scott Co.,IN. They were as follows: A. Caleb - married Rhoda Birditt in Scott Co.,IN. on Oct. 27,1830. They settled in Scott Co.,IN. B. Jacob,Jr. - married June 23,1831 in Washington Co.,IN. to Rebecca Chastain. He died Nov.1901 in Washington Co.,IN. C. Christian - married Dec.24,1845 in Orange Co.,IN. to Catherine Chastain. They resided in Washington Co.,IN. D. Cynthia - married June 10,1834 in Washington Co.,IN. to Barnett Chastain. #2 Jonathan - married his first cousin, Rachel Stark, (daughter of Daniel Stark). I believe most of their children did settle in Scott Co.,IN. when leaving Clark Co.,IN. where they settled after they left Washington Co.,IN. so this may be your line of Starks. After Jonathan died on May 6,1828 in Clark Co.,IN., Rachel moved to Scott Co.,IN. to be with her children where she died in 1852 but her estate was settled in Clark Co.,IN. Their children were as follows: A. Eli - married his first cousin, Mary Stark (daughter of Jacob) on Sept.21,1815 in Clark Co.,IN. They probably settled in Scott Co.,IN. since both had brothers and sisters their but I don't know that for sure. B. Samuel - married Dec.7,1835, as his second wife, Sarah Ann Prewitt, in Scott Co.,IN. I don't know who his first wife was. He supposedly died before May 20,1850 in Jackson Co.,IN. He had a son named Samuel but I don't have any information on him other than his name. C. Joel - D. Cozad - married (1) Catherine Dunlap on Dec.17,1823 in Scott Co.,IN. (2) Margaret Jane (Weir) Boomer. He died Jan.25,1884 in Finley, Scott, IN. He also had a son named Samuel. E. Eliab - married Pirena Sharp on Apr.19,1828 in Scott Co.,IN. I hope some of this helps. Keep in touch and let me know what you find. Sincerely, Carolyn Garner ---------- > From: Jonathan Stark > To: > Cc: Jonathan Stark > Subject: Stark's in Washington County, IN > Date: Thursday, December 04, 1997 3:13 AM > > Hi Carolyn, > > I saw your query about Stark's in Washington County at > > and thought I'd write you to see if we might be able > to put some pieces together. > > Unfortunately, I don't have a whole lot of concrete information, > but I'm hoping to fix that slowly but surely. > > My Stark family came from Cross County Arkansas most recently. > The trail before Cross county is mysterious, but I've been led > to believe that a marriage record I found in Scott County Indiana > between Sim Samuel Stark and Sally Ann Chastain in 1850 was the > marriage of my great-great grandparents. > > Now the interesting parts; Scott county was formed from the > 5 counties surrounding it, and my Stark's were from Washington > County before that part of Washington County became Scott County. > (Well, at least the Stark's that I believe to be mine.) > I believe that area was (and still is) pretty rural, so I find it > likely that the Stark's you mentioned and the ones I'm looking > for are related. > > Do you have any further details about Samuel Stark? Did he have > a middle initial of S by any chance? Do you know any more about > John? Was his middle name perhaps Alexander? > > My Great grandfather, John ALexander, supposedly jumped on a horse > at a fairly young age with nothing more than an extra pair of pants > and rode off to find his fortune. He ended up in Cross County in > 1900, where he and his father S S Stark (and I presume this was > Sim Samuel Stark, but it's been expanded as Simeon Sameul, Samuel > Sims and a variety of other ways) signed for a peice of land. > > Presumably because of this sort of abrupt style of leaving home, not > much is known about where John ALexander came from, or who is family > was. > > The coincidences I see are that family stories say that there was an > "Uncle Billy", who as far as I can tell was John Alexander Stark's brother. > ALl of the family members who ever talked about "Uncle Billy" were > very young when he came around, so it may even be possible that > "Uncle Billy" was just a close family friend, and not blood realtions > at all, but the fact that your message includes Samuel, John > and William as kids suggests to me that this may be the same group. > Often names have been passed down in my family, as evidenced by my name, > a take off of John, and my uncle Bill... > > Any thoughts? Does this sound at all familiar? > > Thanks much... > > Jonathan > > (In case you don't remember what I'm talking about, here's what I'm > going on:) > > --- > Searching for information on the Asahel STARK family. Asahel born 1750's > New York, died 1822 Washington Co., Indiana. Married Sarah (maiden name > unknown). Children: Jasper, Daniel R., Samuel, John, Mary, Sarah, Asa, > William, Christopher, Archibald Cass, & Desire STARK. Asahel is believed > to be the son of Christopher and Susanna STARK, > early settlers of Pawling & Beekman, Dutchess Co., New York. > > Will gladly exchange information on this family. > --- > >

[S6] Email with Carolyn Garner Carolyn /Garner/ From Sun Jan 4 19:24:27 1998 Return-Path: Received: from ( []) by (8.8.5/8.8.5) with ESMTP id TAA00826 for ; Sun, 4 Jan 1998 19:24:26 -0800 Received: from garner ( []) by (8.8.5/8.7.3) with ESMTP id UAA21651; Sun, 4 Jan 1998 20:12:58 -0600 (CST) Message-Id: <> From: "Denise and Carolyn Garner" To: "Jonathan Stark" Cc: Subject: Re: Stark's in Washington County, IN Date: Sun, 4 Jan 1998 20:22:03 -0600 X-MSMail-Priority: Normal X-Priority: 3 X-Mailer: Microsoft Internet Mail 4.70.1155 MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1 Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit Status: RO Content-Length: 4464 Lines: 84 Hi Jonathan, I'm so glad the information I sent was of help to you. I have recently purchased the Deluxe Edition of Family Tree Maker for Windows 95 so I can organize my data on the computer. Of course before I can do that I have to learn more about this computer. It belongs to my daughter,Denise. She moved home this year after her divorce so both of us use this thing. From what she says, I think we are called "newbees" at this computer thing. Anyway, all of my genealogy information is on paper in notebooks at the present time so you can just imagine how many bookshelves I have in my office at home. You asked if I had a program that would read GEDCOM so you could send me some information. To be perfectly honest with you, I have no idea. Like I said, I'm a newbee at this. This computer is a Hewlett Packard Pavilion ran by Windows 95 and so far I haven't found much that it wouldn't do but I'm still learning. I'll be glad to help you piece together any information I can and I would love to have the Indiana GEDCOM info. you have. There are a lot of us Stark researchers out there who are trying to sort out these lines. The biggest problem has been connected to all the cousin marriages. Trying to seperate which children belonged to which parents since both male and females have the STARK surname. You asked if there was a history of the Stark family somewhere. The book everyone seems to rely on is titled "The Aaron Stark Family" Seven generations of the descendants of Aaron Stark of Groton, Connecticut. This book was written in 1927 by Charles R. Stark. As I understand it , this book is out of print. I ordered a copy of it several years ago from University Microfilms International in Ann Arbor,Michigan. I don't know if I even still have their address or not. Anyway, I believe the book is a good guide but not to be relied on for totally accurate information. My Asahel Stark is not even mentioned in this book, Christopher II's wife is not named, and some of his children, I think, have been left out. But like I said, it is a great guide and a good place to start. Most of my information has come from correspondence with other Stark researchers and a lot of library search hours. The original land grant data from Illinois that you found on the Starks that had Archibald C. and Asa buying land in 1830/ this is my line. Archibald C. is my direct ancestor. The Asa was one of his brothers. Their father, Asahel, died in 1822 in Washington County, Indiana and they moved on to Edgar County, Illinois where they purchased a lot of land. Their mother, Sarah, died in Edgar County,Illinois in 1839 and they moved on to Clark County, Illinois. Some of my Archibald's children then moved on to Texas. Why they ever settled in Texas is beyond me. I suppose it was because the State of Texas offered free land to anyone that was willing to settle here. My Stark's settled in the Henderson and Kaufman Counties of Texas where they remained for several generations. Both my parents are from that area so my research in Texas has been fairly easy. My biggest problem has been researching in the State of New York where the Starks settled after leaving Connecticut and before settling in Indiana. Getting information from New York is like pulling teeth. A lot of the agencies, libraries, and county offices are not willing to check on anything for you. I've had more of them tell me I need to hire a researcher in the area or come to New York and do the research myself than not. Well, hopefully with all the Stark researchers working together we can straighten out these line someday. Must close for now. Tomorrows another work day. Take care and let me hear from you. Sincerely, Carolyn ---------- > From: Jonathan Stark > To: Denise and Carolyn Garner > Subject: Re: Stark's in Washington County, IN > Date: Thursday, January 01, 1998 3:50 PM > > I don't know if this is useful or not, but I found some original > land grant data from Illinois for the Starks that had Archabald C > and Asa buying land in Illinois in the 1830's/ I don't know if this > is your group or not, but it may be of interest: > gopher:// k > > Strangely enough, there is a Simeon Stark in 1851 purchasing land > in Edgar County, IL. Was it Edgar Coutny IL or IN that you mentioned > your Stark's went to? > > Hope this is helpful, > > Jonathan >

[S7] Social Security Death Index, Scott County, IN HOME | Academy | Library | Search | Link Station | World Tree | Genealogy Shoppe | Contact Us [Softbank Ad Network] Field Search Matches County SCOTT 6427 State IN 10552 Last Name STARK 112404 5 Combined Matches Name Born Died Residence Last SSN Issuing Issued Benefit State AGNES 22 May Dec 47170 (No Before STARK 1890 1974 (Austin, Location 303-16-0229 Indiana 1951 Scott, IN) Given) DELMAR 24 Nov Jul 47170 (No Before STARK 1895 1967 (Austin, Location 315-12-5941 Indiana 1951 Scott, IN) Given) FOREST 8 Jun Mar 47170 (No Before STARK 1907 1978 (Austin, Location 308-20-0660 Indiana 1951 Scott, IN) Given) LYNN 30 Jul 1 Oct 47170 (No Before STARK 1910 1996 (Austin, Location 307-16-7094 Indiana 1951 Scott, IN) Given) ZELMA 27 Jul Nov 47170 (No Before STARK 1902 1974 (Austin, Location 306-30-7019 Indiana 1951 Scott, IN) Given)

[S8] Washington County Burrials CNIDR Isearch-cgi 1.20.06 (File: burk_6.txt)

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Walters, Ida L. 1041 Age June 21 1876
d. Jan. 22 1950 Parents John M. Dean and Margaret J. Stark Burial
#7 Cemetery West of Scottsburg, Indiana

Walters, John 3368 Age April 12 1903
d. Aug. 15 1965 Parents James Walters and Ida Dean Burial Stark
Cemetery Scott County Indiana 

Taskey, Hazel D. 3229 Age Aug. 18
1895 d. Nov. 4 1966 Parents Robert Chasteen and Laura Lee Burial
Riverview Cemetery 

West, Diana 3409 Age Feb. 28 1943 d. Aug.
31 1960 Parents Ray Chastain and Lorraine Henderson Burial Riverview

[S9] Weddings Stark Weddings in Scott and Washington Counties of Indiana, and the state of Kentucky: Scott County, IN Applegate, James Stark, Sally Aug 30, 1824 Applegate, James M. Stark, Janisha June 6, 1833 Applegate, Squire Stark, Martha May 8, 1834 Campbell, Alexander Stark, Rachel Dec 25, 1823 Clark, Jonathan D. Stark, Nancy Ann Nov 25, 1848 Close, John Jr. Stark, Mary Aug 10, 1846 Dean, Daniel Stark, Elizabeth Oct 4, 1841 Dean, William Stark, Nancy Apr 3, 1834 Heding, Charles Stark, Poll Aug 29, 1837 Hobbs, Isaac Stark, Nancy Jan 5, 1826 Mcquire, James Stark, Jane May 15, 1825 Samples, John Stark, Rachel Mar 10, 1842 Sanders, Moses Stark, Polly Nov 7, 1844 Stark, Charles Stark, Polly M. Sep 29, 1849 Stark, Christopher Killian, Rebecca Nov 22, 1825 Stark, David Stark, Edy Mar 18, 1845 Stark, David Trulock, Mary Oct 28, 1824 Stark Elias, Sharp, Perina Apr 19, 1828 Stark Elisha Stark Nancy Sep 4 1834 Stark, Enoch Crawford, Margaret Jan 25, 1845 Stark, Jermiah Sutton, Barbara Oct 18, 1825 Stark, John Snodgrass, Elizabeth Apr 15, 1839 Stark, Jonathan Stark, Anna Oct 11, 1842 Stark, Jonathan Jr. Stark, Rebecca Jan 17, 1839 Stark, Joseph Samples, Caroline Mar 22, 1843 Stark, Joshua C. Stark, Phebe Aug 6, 1837 Stark, Josiah M. Dean, Nancy Aug 1, 1839 Stark, Kizzard Dunlap, Catherine Dec 18, 1823 Stark, Nathaniel B. Coons, Mary Ann Oct 13, 1831 Stark, Samuel P. Stark, Elizabeth Jane Oct 14, 1847 Stark, Sanford Stark, Nancy Sep 21, 1849 Stark, Simeon Jones, Drusey Sep 28, 1826 Stark, Simeon B. Stark, Malinda Sep 1, 1840 Stark, Simeon S. Chasteen, Sally Ann Dec 25, 1850 Stark, W. Harrod, Emeritta Jun 7, 1846 Stark, William H. Coons, Serilda A. Oct 10, 1850 Stark,William J. Dean, Polly Jun 22, 1841 Washington County, IN Bazore, George Stark, Nancy Mar 4, 1830 Brewer, Oliver Stark, Lucy Oct 21, 1832 Crocket, John Stark, Nancy Aug 5, 1830 Hawley, Samuel Stark, Sarah Aug 26, 1824 Howe, Nathan Stark, Desire May 19, 1824 Kendall, Sanford Stark, Emilia Aug 24, 1824 Mahin, Joshua Stark, Phebe Feb 25, 1830 Mann, William Stark, Aletha Feb 2, 1817 Marts, Thomas Stark, Jane Mar 2, 1830 Noland, Nathaniel Stark, Margaret Oct 22, 1823 Stark, Benjamin Stark, Phebe Nov 5, 1822 Stark, Jacob Chastain, Rebeckah Jun 23, 1831 Stark, James Sowder, Sarah Jun 24, 1827 Stark, John Percell, Elizabeth Mar 6, 1823 Stark, Mahlon Manning, Sarah Sep 23, 1821 Stark, Pleasant Toney, Sally Dec 1, 1831 Stark, Stephen Waggoner, Elizabeth Aug 2, 1827 ----- Bourbon County, KY Berry, Peggy Stark, Jacob Jul 18 1810 Clow, Catherine Stark, William 20 Mar 1819 Hart, Susannah Stark, James 3 nov 1786 Hedges, Mary Stark, Samuel 11 feb 1834 Jacoby, John Stark, Jessie 4 aug 1806 Stark, James Watts, Jane 20 may 1815 Stark, William Clow, Catherine 20 mar 1819 Bullit County, KY Collard, Elijah Stark, mary 02 May 1801 Grifith, Owen Stark, Elizabeth 14 aug 1814 Gunterman, Margaret Stark, Daniel 30 Dec 1803 Guntryman, Margaret Stark, James Oct 6 1814 Caldwell Coutny, KY Mcelroy, James T Stark, Nannie Z 14 dec 1870 Christian County, KY Stark, Mary Jane Utlru, Jacon B C 13 nov 1856 Cumberland County, KY Davis Priscilla Stark, Jonathan 1799 Hardin County, KY Bland, Mildred Stark ,David 30 Jul 1828 Creal, Armistead R. Stark, Margaret M 31 Jul 1832 Stark, Rodham Vanhock, Phebe 23 Feb 1835 Henderson County, KY Hayes, Sally Stark, Rowland 1 feb 1813 Jefferson Coutny, KY Artie, Peter H Stark, Mary E 5 mar 1844 Logan County, KY Sample, Sally M Stark, Thornton 24 Jul 1813 Nelson County, KY Calvert, Elizabeth Stark, Joseph 5 Jul 1798 Pound, Jos Stark, Eliza 18 Dec 1792 Stark, Jonathan Stark, Rachel 17 feb 1792 Nicholas County, KY Brandon, James Stark, Susannah 5 dec 1819 Cassady, Polly Stark, John May 19 1825 Mcanulty, Kitty Stark, james 19 Jun 1826 Pike County, KY Draper, Louisa Stark, Fielding 02 may 1850 Droper, Louisa Stark, Fielding 13 oct 1852 Shelby County, KY Devore, Rachel Stark, Jonathan 30 Aug, 1794 Gonterman, John Stark, Anne 04 dec, 180? Mcdowell, Daniel Stark, Rhoda 07 JUL 1794 Pounds, Rebecca Stark, James 22 Sep 1800 Stark, Ab Stark ,Sarah 29 May 1798 Stark, Abraham Stark, Sarah 6 Jun 1798 Stark, Jacob Stark Margaret 22 Dec 1794 Spencer County, KY Bennett, Daniel Stark, Elizabeth 11 apr 1824 Boswell, Matilda Stark, Aaron 29 Jul 1828 Boswell, Sarah J Stark, Abraham V --- Boswell, Sarah J Stark, Abraham V 22 JUL 1842 Dickey, Williamson Stark, Arbelia Tyrena 31 Dec 1844 Harrison, Elnora Stark, William P 25 dec 1884 Jewell, William Stark, Polly Ann 16 Nov 1837 Kester, Ephraim Stark, Margaret 12 Apr 1825 Stark. Anraham V. Boswell, Sarah J -- Stark, Areblia Tyrena Dickey, Williamson 31 Dec 1844 Stark, Effa Arcady Wise, William -- Stark, Effa Arcady Wise, William 23 Nov 1846 Stark, Margaret Ann Troutman, William B 26 feb 1864 Stark, Reuben Stout, mary Jane 12 Aug 1828 Stark, William P. Harrison, Elnora 25 Dec 1884 Wise, William Stark, Effa Arcady -- Warren County, KY Bettersworth, R Henry Stark, Pamelia 23 Dec 1839 Blakey, Robert C Stark, Sarah 21 Dec 1833 Gossom, Sally Stark, Jesse 23 Jul 1827 Heeter, Joseph W Stark, Matilda 4 May 1836 Kelly, James Stark, Malinda 2 Sep 1833 Martin Lucinda Stark, Theophilus D 7 Oct 1822 Mitchel, Asa T Jr Stark, Nancy 3 Nov 1829 Stark, Jesse Gossom, Sally 23 Jul 1827 Stark, Pamelia Bettersworth, R Henry 23 Dec 1839 Stark, Sarah Blakey, Robert V 21 Dec 1833 Allen County, KY Caruth, John Stark, Emily G. Jul 3, 1850 Garrison, Eli D. Stark, Lucinda Oct 2, 1837 Godley, Jessee S. Stark, Mary Oct 18, 1824 Heeter, Joseph W. Stark, Elazira E. Sep 11, 1847 Jackson, -- Stark, -- Sep 1, 1840 Jamerson, James. H. Stark. Louisa May 19, 1833 Jameson, Merryman Stark, Emily Dec 16, 1829 Jameson, Thomas Stark, Mary Oct 12, 1829 Kelley, Miles Stark, Frances Dec 26, 1827 Martin, John Stark, Agnes Aug 6, 1822 Morehead, John S. Strak, Elizabeth Mar 14, 1826 Neale, Benjamin F. Stark, Mary W. Jul 7, 1829 Porter, Erasmus W. Stark. Elliseff R. Mar 15, 1843 Read, Charles Stark, Eliza Sep 18, 1826 Sears, William Stark, Matilda Jul 29, 1822 Spilman, Alexander Stark, Sarah Dec 26, 1827 Stark, Festus Jameson, Elizabeth Dec 26, 1835 Stark, Jeremiah Mitchell, Susan Ann Oct 15, 1832 Stark, John W. Jameson, Mary M. Sep 1, 1847 Stark, Robert Read, Elizabeth May 11, 1829 Threlkeld, Thomas Stark, Lucinda may 13, 1820 Barren, KY Birch, James J. Stark, Mary J. Nov 2, 1845 Curd, B.D. Stark, Maira L. Nov 22, 1849 Porter, Elias Stark, Kitty A. E. Jan 7, 1836 Stark, Alexander Read, Nancy Dec 31, 1846 Stark, Charles C. Green, Lucy S. Mar 5, 1832 Stark, Charles D. J. Jameson, America Mar 7, 1837 Stark, Daniel Dougherty, Mary Jane Nov 11, 1847 Stark, Daniel Read, Margaret Feb 9, 1832 Stark, Daniel Whitney, Agness Jun 17, 1811 Stark, Dillard G. Robets, Mary Jane Jan 25, 1847 Terry Nathaniel G. Stark, Emily Nov 21, 1850 Wilson, William M. Stark, Nancy E. Oct 5, 1841 Bourbon, KY Henderson, William Stark, Betsy Jul 9, 1807 Jacoby, Jacob Stark, Mary Apr 27, 1808 Jacoby, John Stark, Jane Aug 4, 1806 Jacoby, John Stark, Jessie Aug 4m 1806 Stark, James Watts, Jane May 20, 1815 Stark, Joseph Waller, Katherine Feb 20, 1817 Stark, Samuel Hedges, Mary Feb 11, 1834 Stark, William Clow, Catherine Mar 20, 1819 Stark, William Shortridge, Lear May 11, 1802 Bullitt, KY Arnold, John Stark, Susan Jun 3, 1841 Collard, Elijah Stark, Mary May 2, 1801 Duvall, William Stark, Mary May 31, 1838 Stark, Daniel Gunterman, Margaret Dec 30, 1803 Stark, James Guntryman, Margaret Oct 6, 1814 Stark, John Samuels, Lydia Jan 28, 1841 Stark, Joseph Ray, Susan Feb 4, 1840 Stark, William Mayfield, Elizabeth May 18, 1845 Stark, William Samuels, Sophia Nov 24, 1831 Calloway KY Edwards, Mathew Stark, Ann Feb 15 1833 Skaggs, Warder T. Stark, Elizabeth Jul 17, 1845 Stark, James H. Skaggs, Mary Ann May 13, 1845 Watkins, William W. Stark, Martha Oct 16, 1834 Christian, KY Good, Thomas Stark, Elizabeth Nov 5, 1818 Stark, Jesse Pace, Lettice Mar 15 1807 Stark, John Cannon, Keziah Mar 16, 1809 Cumberland, KY Stark, Janathan Davis, Priscilla Feb 12, 1799 Fayette, KY Smith, Joseph Stark, Elizabeth Jul 17 1811 Stark, Thomas Shannon, Susan Jan 21, 1815 Hardin, KY Creal, Armistead R. Stark, Margaret M. Jul 31, 1832 Stark, Daniel Kennedy, Abigail May 1, 1825 Stark, David Bland, Mildred Jul 30, 1828 Stark, Redham Vanhock, Phebe Feb 23, 1835 Henderson KY Stark, Rowland Hays, Sally Feb 1, 1813 Henry, KY Dodd, George Stark, Ada Feb 11, 1848 Edwards, James Stark, Mary Feb 17m 1807 Hays, Samuel Stark, Ann Mar 30, 1812 Stark, Caleb Boone, Anne Jan 16, 1815 Stark, David Stark, Mary May 28, 1800 Stark, Philip Rawlins, Elizabeth Aug 18, 1809 Stark, Preston Yager, Eliza Ann Oct 20, 1832 Stark, Reuben Stephenson, Sally Apr 22, 1805 Logan, KY Stark, George Rager, Elizabeth Dev 10, 1838 Stark, Terry W. Smith, Mary Mar 28, 1826 Stark, Thornton Semple, Sally M. Jul 24, 1813 Nelson, KY Countryman, Jacob Stark, Hannah Mar 29, 1791 Crow, Pearson Stark, Nancy G. Oct 1, 1848 Pound, Joseph Stark, Elizabeth Dec 18, 1792 Stark, Arnon Duval, Nancy Nov 19, 1835 Stark, Jonathan Stark, Rachel Feb 17, 1792 Stark, Joseph Calvert, Elizabeth Jul 6, 1798 Stark, Perry Harned, Mary J. Nov 1, 1842 Stark, Will Countryman, mary May 2, 1792 Nicholas, KY Brandon, James Stark , Susannah Dec 5, 1819 Stark, James Mcanutly, Kitty Jun 19, 1826 Stark, John Cassady, Polly May 19, 1825 Oldham, KY Admire, Thomas Stark, Elizabeth May 19, 1825 Edrington, Hyra Stark, Ruth Oct 28, 1829 Pike, KY Stark, Fielding Draper, Louisa May 2, 1850 Shelby, KY Armstrong, Richard Stark, Margaret Mar 9, 1825 Frasure, Thomas Stark, Ann May 20, 1821 Gonerman, John Stark, Anne Dec 4, 1800 McDowell, Daniel Stark, Rhoda Jul 7, 1794 Stark, Abraham Stark, Sarah Jun 6, 1798 Stark, Adin H. Stilwell, Elenor Jan 24, 1818 Stark Elijah Blackburn, Gertrude Jan 7, 1811 Stark ,Elisha Stout, Creecy Dec 14m 1802 Stark, Jacob Stark, Margaret Dec 22, 1794 Stark, James Pounds, Rebecca Sep 22, 1800 Stark, Stephen Pursely, Hannah Apr 1, 1805 Spencer, KY Bennett, Daniel Stark, Elizabeth Apr 11, 1824 Dickey, William Stark, Arabelia T. Dec 30, 1844 Jewell, William Stark, Polly Ann Nov 16, 1837 Kester, Ephraim Stark, Margaret Apr 12, 1825 Stark, Aaron Boswell, Matilda Jul 29, 1828 Stark, Abraham V. Boswell, Sarah J. Jul 22 1842 Stark, Reuben Stout, Mary Aug 21, 1828 Wise, William Stark, Effa Arcady Nov 23, 1846 Todd, KY Stark, Reynolds P. Waggoner, Elizabeth Apr 30, 1840 Stark, William M. Ebling, Sabry Jul 22, 1827 Stark, William M. GIbson, Lucy Aug 14, 1837 Warren, KY Bettersworh, R. Henry Stark, Pemlia Dec 24, 1939 Blakey, Robert C. Stark, Sarah Dec 21, 1833 Heeter, Joseph W. Stark, matilda May 4, 1836 Kelley, James Stark, Malinda Sep 2, 1833 Mitchell, Asa T. Jr. Stark, Nancy Nov 3, 1829 Stark, Jesse Gossom, Sally Jul 23, 1827 Stark, Theophilus D. Martin, Lucinda Oct 10, 1822 Washington, KY Stark, John Craycroft, Martha Dec 31, 1848

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